Thursday, June 23, 2016

Good progress

The Gorse Fox has made a lot of progress today. The problem he had been experiencing handling links in the new private (though still empty) blog turned out to be an apache module that hadn't been enabled and a security file that hadn't been built. With that sorted, the Gorse Fox could return to the actual blog content and wrote the next part of the routine that will write the blog posts. As before, all of the database calls are currently disabled so that he can see what is going on without actually hitting the database tables.

The next steps in the development will be to modify any internal blog-post to blog-post web links. The code can already identify these links "in-flight" but they still need to be modified to their new details (once the Gorse Fox has worked out what they will be).

When the Silver Vixen got back from her hair appointment in Chichester, we took the opportunity to walk round to the Polling Station to cast our votes in the EU Referendum. If you do not vote you have no say. If you do not vote you cannot complain. Apathy is the toxic to democracy.

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