Friday, June 17, 2016

Dodging showers

The Silver Vixen is out with her coven today. They have pooled transport and taken just one large broomstick up to the Quilt Show at Sundown Park. This meant that Jasper has been left in charge, and the Gorse Fox is around to make sure he is fed.

There have been some torrential showers this morning, and as this is written, there is thunder rattling round. There was, however, a brief respite mid-morning and the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to walk round to the shops to recycle some Nespresso pods and to pick up some cash from the ATM. The sun was shining through his little trip, but soon disappeared when he got home.

AT home he has been working (and he uses that word in its loosest term) on his current code project. As explained, a lot was dependent on getting to use OAuth 2.0. Well, the Gorse Fox can report that he has cracked it and his basic code is now working. He can now successfully access his blog from a program. Now the basic framework is in place, he will refine the code over the next few days.

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