Friday, June 10, 2016

Around and about

The Gorse Fox had an appointment in Chichester this morning so he and the Silver Vixen took a leisurely drive into town and then split up. The Silver Vixen had her own mission and headed in one direction, the Gorse Fox in the other. As he was early for his appointment he stopped into Rymans. The Gorse Fox has a thing about stationery and is perfectly happy to kill time wandering around looking at the pens, paints, paper, pads and so forth. As it happened he picked up a block of 800 sheets of paper, ideal for making quick lists or notes. As he was paying he noticed a sale on portable external USB hard drives. Seemed like an opportunity to grab one and use it on the Raspberry Pi... so he left clutching both paper and disk.

The Silver Vixen found her way to a shoe shop and that was where we met up. She spent some time tormenting the assistant before finally settling on a new pair of shoes.

Back home for lunch, the off to Sainsbury's. Wine was needed in case Her Majesty drops in over the weekend to celebrate her 90th... of for that matter, in case any of the neighbours drop in... or for that matter, in case they don't.

Euro 2016 starts tonight. Lots of football to watch over the next month.


Anonymous said...

"Lots of football to watch over the coming month" and the fighting too.

Do you see the irony that the "beautiful game' is played by pampered fools with little attachment to reality and followed by a horde or braying aggressive morons.

Can't see the attraction myself.

Enjoy the tournament.

The Gorse Fox said...

I will enjoy the tournament.

I do, however, agree that a few sub-normal idiots ruin it for so many. AT least the French Police are not afraid to "get stuck in". I hope they are arrested, heavily fined, and imprisoned (in France) for lengthy sentences.