Saturday, February 20, 2016


The Silver Vixen is out at a workshop today and tomorrow. This leaves the Gorse Fox and Jasper to their own devices. The Gorse Fox has nothing specific planned and is just taking things in his stride. This started with the built-in oven and combi-oven. Whilst Gorse Fox finds them adequate, the Silver Vixen finds them to be user-hostile devices; particularly the combi-oven. To this end, the Gorse Fox started with some online research, a phone call and then took a walk into Bognor. He perused a number of devices, each of which was clearly an improvement in user-experience-design over ours. Satisfied that alternatives are available, and photos taken as aides-memoire he left the shop and walked on down to the pier.

The seafront was grey and windy, and the clouds looked a little threatening. The Gorse Fox didn't hang around. He headed west along the Esplanade, along Aldwick Road, down through West Meads and back home. Overall he had covered 4.92 miles, and had a very enjoyable walk. Best of all, it proved that we are a lot closer to the sea than we thought.

Home again, the Gorse Fox continues the search for replacement built-in ovens, but is yet to home in on a particular combination that has bubbled to the top.

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