Saturday, January 09, 2016

In order

The Gorse Fox is managing to get his new phone in order and is impressed with the quality of the photos and the battery life. He's sure he will discover more over time, but so far, so good. He's also been out to make sure the Bluetooth syncs with both cars.

Now, those who know the Gorse Fox will know that he is paranoid about backups. So it is that he has been debating the best way to maintain his global backup regime and include the Silver Vixen's new Macbook data. Simple, in essence, but he wanted it to be completely transparent to the Silver Vixen and cause no detectable delays to her "experience". Now most of the use is focussed on web traffic and therefore irrelevant, but when she wishes to write  letter or pattern, that needs to be protected.

The solution that the Gorse Fox has come up with uses a Dropbox folder belonging to the Silver Vixen that is shared with the Gorse Fox. This folder is the default folder for the word processor so everything will go there by default. Dropbox will sync that to the web. Meanwhile, the Gorse Fox's machine (Condor) shares that folder and uses his sync tools to copy to the NAS and thus become part of the wider strategy.

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