Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The Silver Vixen was meeting with her coven today. The car had to be scraped free of ices, but soon warmed up. A warning light was on, but didn't seem to reflect any change in the engine performance. When she got home, late afternoon, Gorse Fox checked the manuals and the internet then called the garage. They will take a look on Thursday, but meanwhile they have confirmed it should be perfectly ok to drive.

The Gorse Fox, meanwhile, had his football. Teams were selected at random and for the first hour we played three games - losing two by one goal each and then winning the last game by 2 clear goals. The first goal made by the Gorse Fox, the second scored by the Gorse Fox. For the second hour we had change of personnel and the teams were reselected. We played three more games. This time the Gorse Fox was on the winning team throughout. Most satisfactory, but he has got a slight problem with the ligaments in his left ankle. He will have to keep it strapped up when he plays tomorrow.

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