Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The Gorse Fox missed today's football and a meeting of the other team he has joined. (He did spend 40 minutes on the the running machine though, to assuage his guilt). We had the last of the snagging-items being addressed this morning. The chap from the window installers turned up to fix the problem we have had with drafts and noise from the back bedroom widows. It turns out that the problem lay in the vents, which were not fitted tightly enough. It only took him about 15 minutes and now, hopefully, the problem is resolved.

As Arun Amblers had decided not to participate in the local leagues, the Gorse Fox decided to play for another team in this competition. He is now a member of Southdown Sharks in addition to Arun Amblers. The only commitment is to turn up an play the league matches (which follow our Arun games on Wednesdays).

The Gorse Fox has started to research home security cameras. Now that the road is open all the way through, we are seeing far more pedestrian traffic as well as vehicles. One feels that some rudimentary security measures may provide significant peace of mind.

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