Saturday, November 07, 2015


It's a very grey, windy, and wet day. The Gorse Fox is glad that he opted for next-day delivery of several online orders as it would be rather unpleasant trekking around various stores and shopping centres trying to find the odd best and pieces that are still needed.

Online ordering is the obvious extension of the old "working from home" paradigm. Thinking about this in relation to the way things change, the Gorse Fox touched on the recent furore over online scams and the TalkTalk hacking. This, again, is just a an extension of the "working from home" paradigm as applied to thieves, bounders, and other ne'er-do-wells. They opt to steal without leaving the comfort of home - this, of course, reduces their travel time, the need for a get-away driver, and minimises personal risk. (The Gorse Fox supposes it is a greener approach to crime!). WARNING: do not try this at home.

On a different matter, the Gorse Fox still has not managed to complete the move of the private blog to the Raspberry Pi2  (this is an amalgam of this Gorse Fox blog, old diaries, old calendars, old letters, and heavens knows what else; it is hosted at home and not visible or accessible from outside the home network). There is an empty blog sitting there waiting to be populated. The import facility, however, has a 2MB limit and Gorse Fox needs about 15 times that value. He has now researched how to raise the limit - but hasn't yet got round to trying it out... there's no hurry. This may wait on the metaphorical back burner for a while.

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