Tuesday, November 10, 2015


In the air at 12:44 with 5673 miles to go, cruising at 37000 feet at 608mph. Currently we are over the Netherlands and the route seems to cross Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and then into Thailand. It's not totally clear which borders we cross between Russia and Pakistan... but it looks like a load of stans.

The A380 is very comfortable and we have got bulkhead seats with acres of leg room. The plane has 506 seats, but we only have 165 passengers on board today, so it's very relaxed. The food was lovely. the Silver Vixen commenting that it was the nicest aeroplane meal she has had.

Have just watched Mission Impossible Rogue Nation; great fun and easy viwing. It's dark outside and we are up at 39000 feet crossing the eastern coast line of the Caspian Sea. Speed has dropped to 575mph over the ground. There's 3600 miles to go and it looks like we'll cross of Afghanistan then Pakistan.

Flying over Lucknow in Northern India. Rested but not slept. 1460 miles to go.

Sitting in the terminal at Bangkok waiting for our flight to Krabi. The journey, so far, has been an absolute pleasure, indeed I would rate it among the best ever for comfort, and ease of  travel; completely stress-free. When we arrived, it took a little while to get through immigration, but nothing compared to arrival in New York (or worse still Sao Paulo).

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