Monday, November 02, 2015

Old Friends

There is something comforting about meeting up with old friends, and there aren't many friends much older than this bunch of ex-Starfleet friends.

The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen headed across to Clanfield to meet up with the others (Harry & Mrs Potter and Frodo Baggins, the Hobbit) at a very nice Indian Restaurant. We had been a little cautious, expecting fog, but actually it was clear and the traffic was very light. Arriving early, we waited outside for about 15 minutes before going in and settling down. The others wandered in a few minutes later.

The meal was good, but really incidental to the whole evening. What counted was the warmth of friendship and the chance to catch up on news and views - and, of course, to have a great laugh. It was such a shame that Mrs Baggins was unable to join us - as she was still working hard in California.

Wonderful evening.

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