Sunday, April 05, 2015


Urban-cub and Pistol Pete came over and we all piled in to the Silver Vixen's car and headed off for the bandit country that is Wales. We had a superb run through and were sitting outside a restaurant near Cardiff by 1130. We went in a grabbed a table, and just as well we did as more and more people arrived and the place was heaving by 1230.

After lunch we made our way to Lisvane, where the wedding would be. It seems to be a tiny, sleepy little village with little more than a shop, a pub, and the church. We skipped the shop, but made use of the pub as we all gathered prior to going in to the church.
The service was a little unconventional - as you would expect from Ellie. It was, however, a lovely, friendly, inclusive service.

The groom, Kevin, looked as if he couldn't make up his mind between delight and fear. He seemed to take it in his stride, though.

After the service we all gathered in the church grounds for photos (and an Easter egg hunt, for the children). The weather was kind - in fact it was pleasantly warm and dry (for Wales).

The reception was a couple of minutes walk at the nearby Memorial Hall. Again, it was beautifully informal - everyone just mixed and chatted and had a good chance to catch up. It really was a lovely affair.

We had thought about staying overnight, but decided that it was easier to head back (rather than worry about Jasper, the cat, and what to do about him). So we headed off into the evening and drove back to civilisation.

A memorable day

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