Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Clearing up

Walking football was disappointing. The fall of the dice meant that GF's team was not a strong mix this week and we lost all three games. GF was very weary at the end, and frustrated that whilst he seemed to be able to provide pinpoint passes to feet from anywhere on the pitch, he seemed spectacularly useless at placing a ball between the goalposts.

Back home there was a period of frustration as we tried to catch Jasper to take hime to the vet for his annual health check. He must have known something was up as he buried himself under the bedd and dug his claws into the carpet when we tried to coax him out. Eventually, we were successful - he had his check, and all is well.

Whilst he was at the vet, the Gorse Fox tidied the decorating detritus from the Orangery. Decorating is complete, everything is squared away and the rubbish has been consigned to the local recycling amenity. Once the floor is latex and seals the concrete dust in, it should be usable - and then next week the underfloor heating will be installed and we are on the home stretch.

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