Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Boy's Games and Toys

The Gorse Fox started the day by making use of a drop-in health-check that was being provided at Worthing Leisure Centre. He has rarely been to the doctors and isn't a great one for measuring, weighing or worrying about things. As a result it seemed like an opportunity for an MOT.  Forty minutes later GF was measured, weighed, prodded, blooded, and questioned about most aspects of life and the universe. He wandered out clutching his certificate and a fairly clean bill of health... just the predictable warning about losing a bit of weight and keeping an eye on his blood pressure. Overall, he was well pleased.

The walking football followed, and though GF had been looking forward to it, he felt as if he was just off the pace and his timing wasn't quite right. Nevertheless, GF's team won 3-2, so it wasn't all bad.

During the afternoon GF had assessed what would be needed for the completion of the cat-tunnel and the painting of the Orangery. He and the Silver Vixen raided B&Q and GF returned with gallons of paint and a cordless jigsaw. Tomorrow has every chance of being busy.

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