Thursday, April 09, 2015

Bits and bobs

The day started with the operative arriving to lay the latex on the concrete screed that forms the base of the Orangery. This is the last stage before the heated floor is laid next week. GF was surprised by how many sacks of latex were required - but he seems to have done a good job and at least the concrete is now sealed and the dust will no longer permeate everything.

We popped in to Chi at lunchtime. GF had some business at the bank, and there was a special offer at our favoured restaurant "Amelie and Friends". We settled down to try the new menu. Tempura Prawns for the GF's starter (SV skipped the starter) Then The Silver Vixen had a pork tenderloin for her main course, whilst GF had the catch of the day as fish and chips. Finally, the Silver Vixen enjoyed a rhubarb trifle. As usual, the service was wonderful and the food both delicious and beautifully presented. Well worth the trip.

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