Saturday, April 25, 2015


The great advantage of cordless drills and saws is the flexibility they give. The great disadvantage (if you don't have spare batteries) is that they run out just as you get 40 minutes into a project.

So it is that GF is sitting, writing this, whilst waiting for his drill battery to recharge. The project? Well, he has this picture in his head of some hidden lighting in the lantern of the Orangery. He has finally worked out how to do it, and started fixing an ogee moulding around the bottom rim of the lantern. When finished, he will fix an LED ribbon along to top (hidden) edge.


scobi said...


Good plan, sounds just like how we did our hidden lighting in our roof light. 2 tips if you want them:

- In case you have not got there yet, plan in where the transformer for the LEDs will go

- don't make the bottom of the "tray" you create for your LEDs flush with the ceiling, coz on day 1 it may look great, but the join of 2 different materials will always crack in the end, so set the "tray" above the ceiling line.


The Gorse Fox said...

Don't worry, there is a void in the ceiling space with a small hatch that allows access to the transformer and remote control unit.