Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trickle down

No - not the rain. That stopped several hours ago. It is still quite windy but other than that the weather has returned to normal.

No, Gorse Fox was referring to the Postal Code. It is clear that it is starting to trickle down. He has, today, managed to sort out the transfer of the TV license from here to the new address (something you can do up to 3 months in advance - as long as you have the post code). The code was immediately recognised and the transfer actioned.

So it was that, in a fit of optimism, GF logged in to BT to try and effect the transfer of the phone and provision of Broadband. Clearly, BT aren't so quick off the mark and the new address is not recognised. (The website starts to deal with this by displaying a message saying that if the address isn't found you should click on a certain "radio button" - which it promptly forgets to show on the displayed page, so you cannot comply). Pah!

Clearly the trickle has not yet become a flood.

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