Saturday, August 02, 2014


A viewing had been booked this morning, so after a quick run round with the vacuum cleaner and tidy-up we made ourselves scarce so that the agent could do his job. We took the opportunity to go out in the car and try to stitch together a few roads that could prove useful when we have moved - in that they provide alternative routes out of Bersted.

Back home, most of the rest of the day was quiet. GF contacted Arun DC to inform them of the move. That was straightforward as they already had details of the new postcode. However, BT are still in the dark and whilst GF spoke to a very nice man with a broad Belfast accent, the chap couldn't do anything until they get the postcode. He promised to keep a check on it and get back to the Gorse Fox. (GF may be a little cynical, but somehow he is not expecting that call back!).

We went through the address book and highlighted those people who we would need to inform of the move - deciding who would get a card, who would get an email, or who would get a phone call. Once we have have details of the phone (whether or not we can keep the number) - GF can get that process under way.

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