Tuesday, July 15, 2014


With the Silver Vixen out with her coven, and the primary chores completed, GF considered his options. Top of the list came a walk... after a nano-second of thought all further options were dismissed.
Within a few minutes walk from the house, The Gorse Fox plunged into Slindon Woods.

The dappled shade made it quite pleasant despite the summer heat.
The Gorse Fox kept to the footpath that ran just in the edge of the woodland, looking across the fields.

The summer breeze swept waves across the crop and was quite hypnotic.

Crossing Mill Lane, GF entered the National Trust land and stayed along the bridleway to the next proper road where he turned left and made his way up to the A29.
Crossing the A29, the Gorse Fox dropped back through the fields to the edge of Slindon Village.

There is a quaint Community Hall, The Forge (which seems to double as tea shop and village store, and an orchard.

The village green was crowned by a magnificent willow, bestowing its shade
Leaving the lower part of the village, Gorse Fox walked down Park Lane and back towards Fontwell.

It was only about 5 and bit kilometres, and took about an hour - but it was very nice.


a bad man said...

Have you considered the Walkmeter app for your iPhone?

The Gorse Fox said...

The Gorse Fox hasn't; but he does use the Ordnance Survey app, which plots the route against a detailed OS map sheet. The problem is that at this moment GF hasn't found a good way to extract those routes to display in the blog.
(and to be honest, yesterday, he managed to reboot the phone halfway round the route, while climbing over a stile, and lost all of the early part of the recording.