Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Traveller's Tales - A Case of Brain Fade

The Gorse Fox had two incidents of brain fade during his recent trip.

The first, if you have read the blog, was the failure of his power adapter. Though it would power USB devices, it would not power normal 3-pin UK plugs. The Gorse Fox resolved to sort this out. He has trip to Madrid coming up, and needs to be ready. He took the plug out of the case and started to look for any fuses or other feature that may need to be reset. This is when he noticed the On/Off switch on the side - and it had been switched to Off. His eyes rolled. He switched it On - and behold, he had power.


The second was as he settled at the airport prior to the flight home. He was considering whether there was enough power left in the iPad (see above) to watch a film on the flight - if necessary. As he considered this he realised that his earphone were missing from his iPad bag. Cursing silently his carelessness he decided that this was important and he would go to a suitable shop in the airport and get some new ones. Selecting a suitable pair, at a reasonable price, GF paid and headed back to wait for the plane. He stripped the packaging away and discarded it and then sat down. He opened his case to remove the iPad. (His case is a Samsonite, and has 3 covered cubby holes near the hinges). As he grabbed the iPad, he caught the cover of one of the cubby holes, and there were his "missing" earphones. He had put them away safely so he didn't lose them during the week - and forgot.

Still stupid.

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