Tuesday, April 01, 2014


In the Prison Service they call it ToiL - Time off in Lieu. The Gorse Fox, having lost the last two weekends travelling is taking today as ToiL.

After a slow start GF and the Silver Vixen headed for Chichester

It was a lovely sunny day and we had some errands to run now that some of the final documentation is available regarding the administration of the Silver Vixen's mum's estate. (And paying in GF's latest Premium Bonds win).

Errands run, we headed for Costa and leisurely coffee. This raised the subject of the superb coffee GF had last week - dispensed by the Nespresso devices in the hotel. We resolved to go take a look at the nearby John Lewis's store - and after considerable debate and discussion - left clutching the aforementioned machine.

It comes with 16 capsule, each of a different type. It will take a little work to narrow down the flavours we like best, but research of this kind is important.

Back to work tomorrow (for a day and a half!)


Pete Russell said...

I hope you got the accompanying milk frother, it helps Nespresso make great cappucinos!

The Gorse Fox said...

Oh yes, we got the model with the built in frother . Must say, great success so far, but do need to narrow down to the flavours I was enjoying last week. (Capsules are a different shape in the UK to those in Brazil, and some of the names seem different).