Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cars again

The weekend car search theme continued. Today we  were scheduled to test drive the Yaris Hybrid. This was an impressive little car and well-loaded with features,

Initially, the dealer came out with us to ensure we were comfortable with the features, but then we were let loose, alone. Around town it was benign and and easy to drive. The battery seemed to do most of the work. Then, on the open road, we got a chance to see a bit more of its performance. GF picked a course that included some fast roads, some winding roads, and a route up and over the South Downs. This was where the car started to show its flaws. It was really not comfortable on the hills and struggled to get much above 40mph, and on fast roads it was able to keep up but had no power left to overtake. Additionally, after 15-20 minutes we were both getting quite uncomfortable. So, all-in-all our verdict was that it was a nice car - but that it was not at the top of the list.

More cars to test drive tomorrow.

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