Friday, March 07, 2014

Smirkle II

The Gorse Fox has contacted the team at the Scottish project to try an get an understanding of the challenges they are currently facing.

It is clear that they still have to deal with the general mendacity of those involved. It is clear that exec on all sides are making commitments without a full understanding of the impact (or even feasibility) of their statements. What amused the Gorse Fox most was the fact that it has finally dawned on them that GF was right (though they will never admit that). Regular readers may remember that last November GF likened their approach to a car manufacturer building and opening a showroom before working out where to build some cars (that they had yet designed). Well it turns out that is a fine analogy and they are now demanding the "car plant" be provisioned immediately.

Gorse Fox is so glad he is out of there.

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Patrick Cox said...

Your smikle is well justified.