Monday, February 10, 2014


Today has been unremarkable. A morning spent with spreadsheets, collating data from the Surrey project and an afternoon punctuated by an online course.

Starfleet is, justly, very proud of its business ethics (for example it will never destroy an inhabited planet). Each year we have to go through an online course and quiz to make sure we are all cognisant of these ethics and that we sign up to them. Fair play to Starfleet. Gorse Fox's only complaint about this is that in order to ensure you are reading the text, it times how long you are on each page... this is all very fine, but for quick readers like the GF he kept receiving warnings that he had not spent long enough reading the text. This was irritating so he took to reading emails between pages. Thta'll teach them!

Flooding has now hit the Thames. Many people are affected. GF just hopes it doesn't have any knock-on effects  in the surrounding areas as he heads back up to Surrey tomorrow.

Parting thought. Today is the birthday of the Gorse Fox's cousin, Mary. Happy birthday!

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