Sunday, January 12, 2014


The Gorse Fox received a message from John Lewis to say that the Sonos sound system he ordered yesterday had arrived and was ready for collection.

This was a wind up.

GF had, indeed, ordered a Sonos and expected it to be delivered today. However, when he turned up at the aforementioned store he was told he could NOT collect his parcel until 1100 because for Sunday Trading laws. He pointed out that a) they had contacted him to tell him to collect it and the note did not contain any restrictions, and b) the transaction actually took place yesterday when the order was fulfilled and the credit card debited.

Never mind the utter stupidity, this was JLP's opportunity to wind up the Gorse Fox. He waited until 1100 and duly picked up his package.

Back home, the Sonos Bridge was installed alongside the existing ADSL modem and paired with an App in the Silver Vixen's iPad. Next the small Sonos PLAY1 speaker was paired with the bridge and within a few seconds was streaming music into the kitchen. Next, the controller app was installed on the MAC and the iTunes library connected. Impressively simple. Finally the Sonos app was downloaded to all our other devices (iPads, iPhones, Android phones etc). Now we can control the streaming of music from any device. Will have to extend the system when we move to the new house, but for now, it serves its purpose.


The Mighty Atom said...

It's an awesome, if expensive, piece of kit to get into. I installed ceiling speakers in the kitchen and bathroom and run hidden ZP120s for those zones (in a cupboard in the loft) and a couple of Play 5 - I bought all my gear when all you could buy was a play 5 and the ZP series though.

Play 1 is seriously impressive for the size of it though.

scobi said...

I hope you are enjoying your Sonos Play:1 as much as we are. My wife, LO, said just the other day that it was by far the best bit of technology we bought last year, which is no small praise.