Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winding Down

The country seems to be winding down for the Christmas break. The weather has not been cooperative. Thousands of people are stranded at airports, railway stations, and at sea. The Gorse Fox is relieved that he and the Silver Vixen did not have to venture out and feels very sorry for those who have had their plans disrupted. He also notes that many, including some of his own staff, are in areas that are without power. This must be frustrating in the run up to Christmas when you have a young family. GF notes one of his team is talking of using the barbecue as "Plan B".

Work has been very quiet today. This has allowed the GF to review some old documents, presentations, and files and extract useful pictures, text, and diagrams from them so that he doesn't have to go hunting around in the New Year. Talking of the New Year, the trip to Madrid seems solid - but the Gorse Fox cannot get confirmation of the travel arrangements or hotel yet. As a result he is yet to book, and will probably have to log on during the holiday to check for details.

Starfleet have also managed to sign a major contact with the client that Gorse Fox was working with until recently. This is huge bit of business and excellent end to the year for the team.

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