Monday, December 23, 2013

Stormy Monday

They call it Stormy Monday.... and watching the news reports it certainly has been. We have been fairly lucky, with blustery winds and squally showers throughout the day. However, it looks as if the worst is due between ten tonight and the early hours of tomorrow. They are forecasting 90mph wind on the coast - the Gorse Fox is glad to have moved from the old house in weather such as that.

In the expectation that GF will have to fly to Madrid early in the New Year, he started the approval process this morning. This can be troublesome generally, but doubly so when the Gorse Fox works in one division and the expenses have to fall to another division and the idiots who wrote the approvals tool made no allowance for such an obvious requirement. Nevertheless, GF persevered and, somewhat amazed, saw the approval hit his mailbox before the close of business.

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