Friday, December 06, 2013


The Gorse Fox couldn't let the day go by without a comments on the death of Nelson Mandela. During the GF's career he was asked on a number of occasions to visit South Africa - and steadfastly refused until the end of the Apartheid era.

Many obituaries and eulogies will speak in great details about his achievements, his struggles, and his charisma. The Gorse Fox never met the mana and can only comment on what he has heard and what he has learned over the years. For the Gorse Fox, his abiding greatness and his legacy to mankind was his ability to rise above the adversity of his imprisonment, and rise above the oppression of Apartheid, and then forgive his oppressors and try to reconcile all sides. A lesson for all was his approach of owning up to the facts of history and then moving on.

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