Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Input

The Gorse Fox was back in town. Able to travel at a sensible time, however, this meant no parking available and so the Silver Vixen was kind enough to provide transport to the station.

An aside to today's trip was the intention for the Gorse Fox to pick up  free headset for the IP phone built into his laptop software. Needless to say he found the location closed when he went along. Starfleet seems incapable of recognising that mobile workers are rarely on Starships and when they are they need to make the most of it. He retured to his desk.

He needed to return his access badge to the administators at the previous project (or vortex of despair as it is descibed). He went to the stationary cupboard but there were no envelopes and was referred to the post room. The Gorse Fox went back to the basement and found that the Post Room  is closed between 11 and 1400, so again he returned to his desk.

The afternoon was the final chance for the Gorse Fox to input and influence the appraisals for his department. A couple of hours was spent looking for anomalies and debating who whould be moved between scores in order to fit the arbitrary distribution dreamt up by some accountant somewhere in the depths of Starfleet. Overall it was pretty successful - not many changes were needed, and those made were sustainable.

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