Thursday, December 19, 2013

Feet - keep still

The Gorse Fox is restraining himself from doing his little happy dance (imagine a walrus on a griddle). He is really enjoying this new job of his... it reminds him of the old days in Starfleet. Time to research, time to develop points of view, and a varied portfolio of things to attend to and projects to get involved with.

Today has been about stitching together a series of documents. not writing them, nor editing them, but identifying them and their interdependencies so that it is clear which ones are needed at what stage of a project. This is not a simple list as their are well over 100 documents and each has multiple interdependencies.

Tomorrow sees the Gorse Fox back on the road. He has to meet with Commander Picard up at the Starfleet base in the Midlands... and in so doing should get news of one of the projects for which he will provide oversite.

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