Sunday, September 29, 2013


After a quiet start to the day, Betty and Barney Rubble turned up for one of our periodic visits. This time they were visiting us.

As usual we had a lovely time sitting and chatting about families, holidays, and heavens knows what else. For lunch we went up to nearby Slindon to The Spur. They are quite a large establishment which serves both bar food, and has a restaurant. We opted to eat in the restaurant - and at first were a little concerned this may not be a good idea. There was a table of at least 30 aligned down one side of the restaurant - and clearly they were just about to order.

As it turned out, we needn't have been worried. We were served within an acceptable time, and when our meals arrived they were excellent. Whilst it may may not rate (nor aspire to) gourmet ribbons, it was a perfectly nice meal, served by polite staff, and all for a reasonable price. There is little doubt that we will return - and probably try a week night where the menu looks a little more varied.

Back home we had a an afternoon spent putting the worlds to right, looking at photos from the holiday, discussing dog breeds, and tucking into strawberries and cream.

It's nice to be with friends.

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