Monday, July 01, 2013


The project is clearly moving towards one of those milestones which raise everyone's stress levels. The  day was spent preparing for calls and conducting them. One resulted in the Principal wanting a completely different cut of the information - this will mean that the Gorse Fox has got a busy few days ahead (as if he didn't anyway).

The Gorse Fox now has his access badge to the client premises. This should be a good sign, however it seems to afford him no additional access to that available when on a visitor's pass. Duh!

The Gorse Fox is getting a bit tired of the mach behaviour of one of the VPs involved in the programme. He is a bit of a thug and shows little or no respect to the people working hard to make him look good. This behaviour seems to be endemic in some of the staff in his division. The Gorse Fox is not sure that he wishes to work with these people and so will cast his eyes around the current opportunities to see what else may be available come the autumn.

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