Thursday, July 04, 2013

Best laid plans

It seemed such a good idea.

Work from home; save 5 hours of travelling and get various documents finished.

Yeah, right!

The early start meant that the Gorse Fox finished a diagram and edited part of a document before the first teleconference. That was when the rot set in. The t/c overran taking him straight up to his next t/c - which whilst interesting, also overran. Again, hard up against the next t/c he dialled and listened and contributed. Before he knew it it was 1330 and four and a half hours had been spent on the phone and no progress had been achieved in the interim.

There was a gap early afternoon and the Gorse Fox leapt at it, clearing it in a single bound. Another set of diagrams reviewed, corrected, extended and distributed.

The Gorse Fox is reminded, at this point, of Hoffnung's famous tale of the bricklayer's letter of complaint. (See: Bricklayers_Story.htm or Hoffnung on YouTube). "At this point I must have lost my presence of mind... because I let go the line! I answered the phone!" and so it was that the the rest of the afternoon disappeared as if struck by a barrel of bricks.

Maybe Friday will be more successful

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