Friday, June 21, 2013

Well that's over

It was another day of calls, of decisions, of political awareness, and all of this was mixed with a frisson of excitement.

The calls were standard stuff, for the most part and warrant little comment.

The decisions revolve around the Gorse Fox's re-organisation of the management tree for his division. It was clear that there was one person who was left without a chair when the music stopped. This individual has an interesting history and tends to be treated with kid gloves. Who would be the new manager to gain responsibility? The Gorse Fox said he would give it further consideration but if no other alternative could be found - then he would take it on. He then went on to suggest the name of a colleague as the new manager. There were howls of laughter and the comment that it would certainly lead to homicide - but was not immediately clear who would be the victim. The Gorse Fox pointed out that this could indeed be the preferred outcome. There was a consensus that homicide was not an approved management technique, so it looks as if the Gorse Fox will be picking up a new team member.

The politics revolve around two of the Starfleet Admirals from two separate fleets, both involved in the current programme. There is quite clearly significant tension between them and the Gorse Fox would suggest that one will gain supremacy over the other when the next stage of the programme gets signed. This could be de-stabilising (or terminal) for a number of colleagues. The Gorse Fox has spent much of the day coaching and manoeuvring to ensure there is as little fall-out or disruption as possible among his technical team... though there is little doubt there will be collateral damage.

The frisson of excitement cam when we got a call from the developer. The next phase of development has now been finalised and as another couple (from Somerset) were showing interest, did we want to come and get first dibs on a plot. Calls got rearranged and we hopped in the car and headed for the sales office. We poured over the plans and have selected the plot we want. It is now informally reserved and the sales lady will now try and get us a firm price (we have a rough idea, but need something more concrete - so to speak). This is all rather exciting as this is the house that first attracted the Silver Vixen to this development, last year. There's still a long way to go, but things are looking positive.

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