Thursday, June 06, 2013


The trains were slow this morning and the Gorse Fox was at least 15 minutes later than planned in getting to the office. The morning was spent adapting slides as an outcome from Tuesday's review and in preparation for the afternoon's discussion with the client.

Mid-morning Posh Bloke walked by with a mobile phone stuck to his ear (as usual). The Gorse Fox managed to catch up with later in the morning and that was quite the highlight of the day.

The Gorse Fox was due at the client's office early in the afternoon. It was too nice to take the tube or taxi so the Gorse Fox headed out on foot and some 45 minutes - warm, but smug - he wandered into the building and announced his presence. The City of London had ben heaving. On such a fabulous day, everyone was out during their lunch break making the most of the open space and the bars. It had a real buzz about it.

The Gorse Fox had three back-to-back meetings lasting all afternoon. Each was good in its own way and he left feeling that it had been a really good afternoon. This feeling was enhanced by it being 1700 and he dropped down into the tube in time to get across to Victoria for the early train. Texting the Silver Vixen - a trip to the local restaurant is arranged for this evening.

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