Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ripping day

The Gorse Fox has been hanging around Whitechapel - not in any homage to the famous Ripper, but because that is where the client has an office. A delay in the morning train meant the Gorse Fox arrived just a minute or two too late to host the first call, so his colleague picked up the slack.

Most of the rest of the day was spent finishing the draft of a long promised document - now that the strategy has remained relatively stable for 72 hours.

Somehow, a document the Gorse Fox defined and laid out with its content has migrated to one colleague, and now to another. In this migration the Gorse Fox has somehow managed to pick up the responsibility for authoring chunks of the document that he never expected - and lost ownership of several sections he has already written. Never mind, it keeps the project managers and partners feeling important.

Across the aisle from the Gorse Fox is a hairy bloke listening to his ipod, an slurping some soup from a china receptacle with a spoon. His music is obviously deafening him as the Gorse Fox can hear the clink of the spoon and continuous slurping noises above his headphones. It's like sitting near some farm animal at feeding time.

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