Saturday, May 25, 2013


An old TV show used to start with the sting "The weekend starts here".

The sun was shining, the cat had slept in, and it was a lazy start to a Bank Holiday weekend. We had nothing specifically planned. We would take it as it comes.

In the kitchen, having breakfast, the Gorse Fox was struck by how nice the garden looked in the early morning sunshine. Grabbing his camera, he wandered about and took some photos. (Memo to GF, get a polarising filter for camera).

A trip to Chi (GF needed to get his new glasses adjusted) was followed by a tour of one of the local garden centres. Somehow we escaped with only the car's boot full - not the back seats as well.

Then we went on to the development where we had hoped to move - had they not recently decided not to build the house we want. They have another property available, and a further style coming on stream at the end of June. Would any of these be suitable?

We looked over one house type called The Boxgrove. An interesting mix of Victorian/Edwardian styling on the outside (reminiscent of the house the Gorse Fox's father was born in). Inside, it had some nice features, but really wasn't big enough. It seems strange that many of these new houses are designed without a study, for example.

A new style will be released at the end of June. It is slightly larger. Will have to take a look when it is released.

This got us pouring over the spreadsheets again, and made us realise that the house that had first attracted us to the development was, in fact, bigger than either of the models we have recently viewed. Whilst it had some drawbacks - there may be compromises we could make. Will have to sleep on it.

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