Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Well evidently it has come to the notice of the powers-that-be, that the Gorse Fox is completely snowed under. He has been given another colleague to help and it should work out to be a good match. He is very process-driven and orientated towards project management - whereas the Gorse Fox has little interest in those areas. Should work out ok as long as we manage the demarcation between us.

The "engineering diagrams" for a project this size can be troublesome to produce - particularly when everyone wants their say and nobody wants to give you the time to actually have that say. Several half-starts have ended up with rather unsatisfactory outcomes, but some initial work from one of the team provided just the catalyst for the Gorse Fox to wade in and make some significant progress this afternoon.

Most of the Gorse Fox's colleagues are at n event tomorrow - he decided he was far to busy to attend and will either work at home or from Starfleet's Portsmouth office tomorrow.

The Gorse Fox has just realised he hasn't had anything to drink since mid-morning. This may require the intervention of a beer on return to Fontwell.

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