Sunday, May 05, 2013

First world problems

Life without Broadband is becoming intolerable; with no newspaper delivery the Gorse Fox had planned to read the papers online - barely feasible over slow and patchy 3g. He has some banking tasks to catch up on - but that will have to wait; he has expenses to to claim - but they too will have to wait. Yesterday's review of shopping options was barely achievable as every interaction took ages. More importantly the Gorse Fox has not yet booked the flights to Thailand for the summer vacation over with Cousteau-cub.
Its a real pain.

Today will see the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen heading up North to the bandit country of Buckingham. It is the birthday of one of the Silver Vixen's nieces and an opportunity for a family get together.


The Gray Monk said...

It begins to sounds as if a reservation and a 'special deal rate' with the local internet cafe may be the only solution open at present ...

The Gorse Fox said...

Now you are touching on another first world problem - there is no coffee bar or internet cafe near home. Can you believe that? No coffee bar, no wine bar, no spa... it's, like, soooo retro!