Sunday, May 26, 2013


It has been a beautiful day. The sun has shone from the moment the Gorse Fox was conscious through until late evening. It was a day where one should be outside enjoying the weather. So it was that the Silver Vixen grabbed here secateurs and trowel and spent the morning tidying up the rampant growth that we are witnessing in the garden. The Gorse Fox grabbed the lawn mower and performed his, now weekly, trim before whizzing round with the strimmer to get the more recalcitrant or more inaccessible blades or grass.

Car loaded with bags full of garden waste, we popped along to dispose of the green detritus. Then we were back in house-hunt mode. We returned to look at a house we have viewed several times before, always concluding that - as much as we loved the house, we could not make it work. This time, armed with tape measure and a list of measurements for key items of furniture, we concluded that this could work. With the right plot, in the right place we might well commit. Instructions were left at the sales office.

Moving on we returned to several other developments where we had, in the past, found houses that we liked. What would they offer a year or so further on? Well, the answer is that the first development, where we were interested a couple of years ago, have no new styles - but the style of house we had liked then, still looks very good. The issue is when and where a model may be available. A new phase of development will soon be launched, overlooking the golf course. This could be promising.

We also looked at the development where we nearly bought last year. The particular house we were buying is still available, as are many others. The Gorse Fox still thinks that particular house style is the only one we have seen that really has the abundance of space to which we have become accustomed. The Silver Vixen is less convinced - and certainly isn't interested in the particular plot we had reserved last year.

With plenty of food for thought, and more numbers for the spreadsheets, we headed home.

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