Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still holding

Things are moving at a snail's pace. There was, it appears, a problem with the intelligence of the Reference Operative. It appears that the text "the Gorse Fox is and has been a full time employee of Starfleet since September 1984" does not convey that this is a permanent position. The Gorse Fox pointed out that it was a period of time probably greater than the Operative's lifespan (which she conceded). It must say that the employment is permanent - the Gorse Fox was tempted to point out the folly of such a statement, given that he would one day retire, but decided to leave well alone.

The problem got sorted thanks to the good graces of the Gorse Fox's manager.

Exchange did not happen though. Apparently the transfer of funds further down the chain failed to materialise. One assumes it will happen overnight.

Some great photos of Cousteau-cub's wedding turned up during the day. The Gorse Fox needs to go through them again, but it did look like a wonderful day.

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