Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hate, Envy and Despair

GF has been focused on work and moving house, making little comment on current politics for a while now. However, reading the papers, watching the BBC, and following Twitter he can't help but notice (and this is a wild generalisation) that the more left-wing / socialist a person is, the more they seem to:

  • be filled with hate, vitriol, and invective
  • be jealous of what others have
  • believe they have a right to have what others have worked hard to achieve
  • sow a message of despair through distortion of the facts
  • prefer catchy slogans to demonstrable facts or science

Now excuse me, but

  • the Gorse Fox worked hard at school to get a good education
  • got a job, starting at the bottom as a data-correction clerk
  • has worked hard for 42 years (so far) - often exceeding 70, 80, or even 90 hours per week
  • is happy that some of his taxes help those who are in need through infirmity or injury, and doesn't really mind too much that they support workers and their families where their wages do not match their basic requirements

This doesn't mean that some socialist can continually demand more and complain when the Government puts a cap on the benefits INCREASE scheduled for future years... The Gorse Fox's employer - like most in the private sector is quick enough to cap or even cancel salary increases if the financial climate is not right. Why then should this not apply to management of the Government purse.

The Gorse Fox can't help but think that socialism and extreme left-wing politics are a cancer at the heart of the country. It was discredited and dismantled in the Soviet east - but like many cancers seems to have survived and metathesized here.

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The Gray Monk said...

Well said, GF. Socialism is a cancer, and you are right about the attitudes of the socalled 'Liberal/left' - as soon as you raise any argument against their constant raids on the pockets of those who, like you, have put in a full days labour for a reasonable wage, launch a personal attack. Anyone who disagrees with their Ideology and the Stalinist Political Correctness of their spawning, is immediately labelled 'Fascist' without any knowledge of what either Fascism is or was.

The left is an empty ideology, feeding only on ignorance, greed and slogans. There is nothing behind the facade. But it is, I think, a fatal disease for our society.