Saturday, April 27, 2013


Well that was a day. There was a trip to Homebase fro a lawn mower, washing line, and extension reel; there was a tour of BHS, there was a shopping spree in Sainsbury's, and there was an initial trip to the local dump.

That sorted the morning.

On our return to Fontwell, the Gorse Fox put the mower together and wandered back and forth until the lawns were tidy (if not up to Wembley's standard). The Silver Vixen was also busy rearranging, sorting, and unpacking bits and pieces in the garage and the garden.

The landlady and landlord dropped by to check on the new curtains and to introduce themselves - they seemed absolutely charming and when we pointed out a problem with the rear door to the garage it was noted and we have subsequently heard that a chap will be coming round to assess an then fix the problem.

Finally we headed round to the development where we hope to buy a property. We had to give them our new address and it was worth showing our continued interest.

Now a curry is called for.

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