Saturday, February 09, 2013


Reading a cousin's facebook entry, the Gorse Fox observed this quote:

“IN losing respect for their parents, a good many young people seem to have lost respect for themselves. Indeed, they seem unable to respect anything at all.”
The Lady. Modern Family Life. 5th August 1926
How true, and how interesting that this was seen as an issue 87 years ago. They would be havoing attacks of the vapours now!


cousteau cub said...

However fortunately this is not the case with the cubs - we love, respect and adore you always. (Sad comment on society that this is not the norm anymore, starts to make far more sense as to why I live in asia and elders and revered and respected)

The Gorse Fox said...

The Gorse Fox is immensely proud of his cubs and they way they have turned out.