Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bit between teeth

The Gorse Fox is fed up with his broadband. As half the world seems to get faster and faster service, the Gorse Fox's service seems to have degraded to the point that it rarely can download at 2Mbps. Discussion with BT was interesting as the call centre clerk tried to explain the technology to GF. GF put up with it for a while, then decided he would show his hand regarding knowledge of the underlying technology (he was once offered a job designing and writing the software for digital exchanges) and his ability to identify when he is being snowed. In panic GF was referred on to another group (who aren't on duty until tomorrow).

The private nature of this Estate probably precludes any fibre connections to the house, but there should at least be fibre from the exchange to the distribution cabinet. But no, we struggle with 1.7Mbps as Korea delivers 200Mbps. Pathetic.


Gigibird said...

my neighbour has upgraded to BT's fiberoptic option and says there is hardly any difference to the speed...and as they only guarantee 4 X faster mine would still be snail like for twice the money so I'm not bothering until the price comes down.

Anonymous said...

I get 20/2 mbps service via Cable, it works but is stupidly expensive, I live downtown in a tech city in the USA. What do you pay for your service?

The Gorse Fox said...

I pay about £27 pm. I must say it is reliable - I think I've only had a couple of very short outages in about 15 years - but it SOOOOOOO SLOW.

The Gorse Fox said...

There are two stages to Fibre-optic - the first stage is for the exchange to lay fibre to the distribution cabinet in the road. That can potentially raise your overall bandwidth (maybe as high as about 16+, but you are still carrying part of the signal across the copper that runs to the house.

It the laying of fibre to the house that make the final leap in bandwidth... and that's when you should be able to get 50+

(This is all assuming you have been plugged into the correct ports in the cabinet and exchange!

Gigibird said...

I believe both bits have been done - I live just off of Sea Lane in Rusters...when my neighbour upgraded an engineer called and fiddled with wiring.