Monday, January 07, 2013

Not a Good Start

The Gorse Fox is back at work. It was not a good start to the year. A nine o'clock meeting meant the first train from the village. This mean getting up very early.

The journey was trouble-free, but slow. This meant that when he arrived at Waterloo, he had to rush to get to Starfleet in time for the meeting. That was when it all started to unravel. Checking which room was allocated, Gorse Fox realised that the last time the meeting was changed, it was not only the time that was amended, it was also the day. Gorse Fox need not have got up early, need not have got the train, and need not have rushed from Waterloo.

This does note bode well for 2013

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The Gray Monk said...

Oh dear. The other way to look at it is to say it can only get better after that ...