Thursday, September 27, 2012


The recent rain seems to have caused the new front door to swell. This is making it a bit too tight and requires a good shove or tug to open or close. Frustrating.

The Gorse Fox learns from this evening's TV that only 8% of the electorate would vote for the the Lib Dems at the next election. GF is amazed it is that many. Listening to some of their diatribes over the past few days (of their annual conference) GF is amazed some of them are allowed out without a carer. More amazing still is that 40% claim they would vote for Labour, showing how short some people's memories are. It was the last Labour Government that virtually bankrupted the Country and put us in this parlous state. A party that stands up for the workers, but have never had a job between them.

GF is not, however, a blind follower of the Conservatives - nor UKIP. He will happily support any party that:

  • Replaces the current European Human Rights legislation with our own Bill of Rights
  • Provides social support to those who need it through illness, through injury, or through disability
  • Removes social support from the indolent
  • Stops paying "Aid" to countries that do not need it
  • Stops the development of wind farms - and invests in tidal/hydro
  • Stops the blind adherence to the CO2 is bad dogma
  • Admits that multi-culturalism is divisive, and that when welcoming immigrants, integration is the way forward.
  • Establishes "fairness", "common sense", and "respect" as the basic tenets of their movement.
  • Abolishes spin, and tells it how it is.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I commend this to the House.

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Gigibird said...

They could have my vote too