Friday, September 07, 2012


Well, the Gorse Fox almost forgot... he received a call from a senior colleague explaining that he had a couple of posts to fill, and asking the Gorse Fox if he was interested.

GF listened to the first opportunity and turned it down. GF, evidently, knows more about that situation than the colleague and does not want to get involved. No win situation as long as the current manager within the client is still running the show (an example of much of what is wrong with the banking industry).

We then discussed the second opportunity - relocation for 12 months to India to help them improve the way in which they are organised to support architectural development in support of major services contracts. GF's seniority, technical experience, management experience, and political awareness were cited as reasons he was suggested for the role.

Mmmm - a year in India (a place GF has always wanted to visit). That's a lot of curry. It's also many hours closer to Cousteau-cub (but conversely, many hours further from Urban-cub). He double-checked with the Silver Vixen.

GF declined.

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The Gray Monk said...

Wise man. Also, the curry is very different to what you get in the UK - and Delhi-belly a major problem.