Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Well it was all hands on deck. The agent called and asked if they could do a viewing late in the day. The clearing and preparation for Silver Vixen’s mother had paid off – there was little to do, but the Silver Vixen had a busy afternoon planned so things had to be squeezed in.

GF spent much of the day dealing with work calls – just because he had not gone down to Bristol, didn’t mean that work did not carry on.

The agent turned up with the viewers – who turned out to be neighbours. It all seemed to go well, and soon after they left there was a call from the agent to say they had made an offer. This was excellent news, though the offer was not sufficient. But GF expressed his thanks and suggested to the agent that whilst we were willing to negotiate – the opening offer was not sufficient.

Let’s see what happens

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The Gray Monk said...

Good luck. Your sale aga seems to be following the sort of pattern the English legal systems loves!