Sunday, June 03, 2012


We spent the Diamond Jubilee much as we did the Silver Jubilee – in hospital with the Silver Vixen’s mother. She had had her hip replaced (with an artificial one – we had suggested a roller blade or something useful like a Swiss Army knife, but this was rejected).

With most of the nation at the River Pageant, or watching it on TV, or at Street Parties – the roads were empty as we made our way up to High Wycombe. The brilliant sunshine that we left on the coast deteriorated into torrential rain as we skirted the capital.

Though pale, SVs mother was quite alert and chatty so we stayed fro a few hours before loading the car with the various items of apparatus she would require when convalescing with us on her release.


The Gray Monk said...

Sorry to hear that SV's mum needs a new hip, not much fun at any age.

Hope she recovers swiftly.

The Gorse Fox said...

It has been planned for quite a long time. She seems to have come through it well, thank God.