Thursday, June 07, 2012


It was a mixed day.

Work went well and some of the changes that Gorse Fox has been working are coming to fruition. Now he ill just use an existing media bid to test out the final version.

GF is still having trouble getting the final agreements for the funding of his trip to Copenhagen in a bout a week’s time. Suspects that it will all collapse before the event.

Great news of the day was that an old friend from Starfleet, now resident in California, is coming over for the Gorse Fox’s big birthday party next month. Whilst we have kept in touch – it is many years since we have seen him. It’ll be great fun to catch up.

Cousteau-cub posted some photos of the horrendous storms they have been suffering in Koh Lanta. Bars, road, even swimming pools washed away. Dreadful. Thank goodness they are ok.

Silver Vixen’s mother still not well enough to leave hospital. Looks like it will be the weekend before she escapes.

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Pete Russell said...

Nice to be the bearer of good news ;)
See you next month.